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This map shows the accumulation of Islamophobic events and incidents from 2008-2020, indicating when and where spikes of activity occur. The scroll bar at the bottom of the map allows you to see where you are in time, pause the map, scroll through time manually, or isolate a moment in time. In the upper right-hand corner of the scroll bar will you find a number followed the word “Selected.” This is the number of events/incidents that appear on the map, which will (unfortunately) increase over time as we keep up-to-date on events/incidents as they unfold in time.

Explore Reporting Islamophobia and Countering Islamophobia maps with detailed breakdowns by year, event, and gender, and check out further readings and resources.

Take a deep dive into the web app for detailed analysis, delve into narratives from companion sites, or download the dataset for your own analysis.

Learn more about Mapping Islamophobia, why this project exists, and the team behind it – and learn more about Caleb Iyer Elfenbein’s book, Fear in Our Hearts.